In progress: New album for 2014

Lead Scientist Nathan has been working to master the first half of a two-disc release. His thoughts:

"I think this album gets to the essence of what we are all about and I am very excited about it. Its home made and spooky and innocent and timeless. You can hear breathing, coughs, cat miaows, cheap drum boxes, cardboard box percussion, songs about decommissioned robots, a daydream about being the destroyer of all evil, a guest vocal by the wolf from the 3 little pigs, and Cobra Clouds.

"The songs span 2001 to 2014 so they have all sorts of different moods and ambience. Disc 1 has some lovely instrumentals on it too by Dylan and Paul and a spooky one by me which is the title track called The Slow Cyclone. I'll move on to Disc 2 soon."

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